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Niemen Tehtaat on valmistanut ja toimittanut kestäviä kalusteratkaisuja suomalaisiin julkitiloihin ja erilaisiin ympäristöihin jo vuosikymmenien ajan.

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Tarjoamme palveluita tuotteen koko elinkaarelle kasaus- ja asennuspalveluista huolto- ja korjauspalveluun.

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Perheyritys jo neljännessä polvessa

Vuonna 1898 perustettu Niemen Tehtaat jatkaa puusepänperinteitä jo neljännessä polvessa. Perheyritys on suomalaisista huonekaluvalmistajista vanhin sekä yksi suurimpia.

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About us

We believe in competence, quality and persistent work


About us

Read the story of Niemi Family companies – from their inception to the standards and values still guiding the companies today. Explore here the operation and the core story of Niemen Tehtaat, Niemi Sofa and Niemi Vietnam.



Niemen Tehtaat has been manufacturing and delivering durable and sustainable furniture solutions for Finnish public spaces, homes and various environments for decades.

Founded in 1898, Niemen Tehtaat continues the carpentry tradition already in the fourth generation. The family business is the oldest and still one of the largest Finnish furniture manufacturers.

Domestic design, CNC-controlled woodworking machines and the use of high-quality materials create a solid foundation for the company's operations. The company believes in competence, quality and persistent work. A characteristic of Niemen Tehtaat is that the company and its products can adapt to the demands of the times.

Today, the collection consists of, among other things, home furniture, kindergarten, lounge and office furniture. Large project deliveries to the marine industry are also part of the company's operations.



Niemen Tehtaat production facilities and HQ are located in Sastamala, Finland.

At Niemen Tehtaat, we have a vision of a sustainably furnished life, and we believe that a long-term, reliable and sustainable partnership creates prosperity.

At Niemen Tehtaat values of sustainability, uncomplicatedness, and innovation, as well as our customer promise: Responsibility is ours, are helping us create long-term partnerships.

Transparency, honesty, and trust guide all our activities.



Niemi Sofa is a dynamic and innovative furniture manufacturer founded in 2012, which currently operates with two production facilities in Tallinn, Estonia.

Since its founding, Niemi Sofa has been passionately committed to creating high-quality and stylish upholstered furniture, especially sofas, but also a wide range of other types of furniture. Niemi Sofa combines craftsmanship expertise with modern industry trends and functional design, offering customers unique furniture solutions tailored to their needs.

Niemi Sofa is particularly proud of its agility. Speed, customizing the furniture or the overall furniture solution according to the customer's wishes and sticking to the agreed schedule have been the cornerstones of the operation since the beginning.

The company's customers are mainly public space furnishers and interior architects, as well as home furniture retailers. A significant part of the production consists of special projects - sofas and other customized seating solutions for ships, restaurants and other public spaces.


The company is committed to a good quality level and uses the best materials and craftsmanship to create products that are durable and functional and comfortable for the user. Each product is designed down to the last detail, which guarantees both beauty and functionality.

Niemi Sofa is not only a furniture manufacturer, but also a listener of customers' needs and wishes. The company offers custom solutions that allow customers to choose from a variety of fabrics, colors and styles to create a unique piece of furniture tailored to their needs and desires.

In addition to commitment to quality, Niemi Sofa takes environmental issues into account in its operations. The company monitors its production processes, chooses sustainable materials and strives to choose the most environmentally friendly way to reduce its ecological footprint.

Niemi Sofa is a reliable partner that manufactures versatile and functional products that are always of high quality, durable and beautiful. The company's values ​​of creativity, quality and customer orientation come to the fore in everything it does, and commitment to them is of paramount importance to the company.



It is worth concentrating expertise where it exists. This idea led Niemen Tehtaat to Vietnam in the 21st century when international support was wanted for traditional domestic furniture manufacturing.

In Vietnam, the production of garden furniture first started in cooperation with a Danish supplier, but after a few years the decision was made to establish our own factory.

At the subsidiary, Niemi Vietnam factory, operations have been managed by Tuyet Nguyen since its establishment, i.e. since 2007.

There are approximately 15 employees in the factory's administration and 75 in production. The subcontracting network includes suppliers from small workshops to larger factories.



Enviromental sustainability and ethical principles guide our operation.

Read more about our ethical principles on Code of Conduct.

Code of Conduct


M1-luokitus määrittelee raja-arvot materiaalien ja kalusteiden orgaanisten haihtuvien yhdisteiden (VOC), formaldehydin ja ammoniakin päästöille.